Dentist in 08901

Dentist in 08901

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Most of us have heard at a certain point or another about the importance of regularly getting dental cleanings. But maybe the reasons why aren’t so clear. We’ll get to that…but do know this. If you’re interested in moving forward with a cleaning don’t hesitate to reach out to Cosmetic Dental Associates and meet with our amazing dentist in 08901.

So what why would you get a teeth cleaning? Besides it being a key part of preventive dental care, there are several benefits to a regular commitment to it. One of the marquee benefits of cleanings are that they help prevent cavities. See that whitish film that builds up on your teeth? That’s plaque. And it’s the lead cause of tooth decay. Plaque is an acidic substance that chews through enamel like a buzzsaw, and if it isn’t treated…cavities become the next pain to deal with. Cleanings are also known to stop tooth loss. Gum disease is one of the major causes of tooth loss in adults. And the springboard for it is plaque build-up. Eventually, it’s presence shrinks gum and destroys supporting bone in the jaw—destabilizing teeth and increasing the chances of them falling out. Cleanings are also known to brighten your smile. That’s right. It removes build-up stains that usually yellow teeth. So now you can restore the shine back to that beautiful smile. Sound good? Now all you have to do is reach out to Cosmetic Dental Associates and a check out a dentist in 08901.

Sound good? Our patients certainly think so. Get your smile in tip-top condition by reaching out to Cosmetic Dental Associates. Let our staff know you’d like to schedule an appointment with our dentist in 08901. And that’s all there is to it. After that, you’re well on the way to a proper cleaning.

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